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We use deep learning and word vectors to empower our cognitive framework to ensure high accuracy for multiple languages.


We ensure that you can host the bot on your premise or private cloud based with ISO certifications so your data is always safe and in complete control of your organization.


Host your bot on platforms like skype for business, facebook messenger, twitter, slack in your own app, website or on multiple other channels.


Our framework allows you to not only answer questions but get instant answers from multiple databases using our API to bot connector technology.

Hybrid Chat

Choose a hybrid approach that allows you to create the perfect triage and route customer queries based on sentiment, context and request.


Our built in dashboards allow you to see and understand events as they happen.


Get clear audit trails for all actions so you can always be in control of what is happening on your bot.


Be able to give different users different accesses in your organization to ensure security and control of your bots.


Our HTTPS connections and compliance with PCI DSS and OWASP frameworks ensures that you have one of the most secure enterprise ready bot frameworks in the market.



Make the right investment decision with our bot that recommends options based on your risk appetite, investment interest and goals. Track your investments through the bot, gain insights on your investment activity and get periodic investment recommendations based on your profile.


Ensure that your retail banking customers get assistance 365 days a year, 7 days a week on their favourite social channel. Our retail banking bot will respond to customers’banking queries related to their account information, payments, transfers and even enable actions based on customer requests such as ordering check books, changing address and other profile details and any other services the bank would like to include.


Track monthly income, view key account information and get metrics based on account activity with our corporate banking bot.

Insurance Claims

Our quick and reliable chatbot will not only comfort users when in distress but will guide the users as to exactly what should be done in the event of an accident. The bot will gather FNOL information and synchronize with the required back-end databases to ensure a completely digital claims process.


Our recommendation engine ensures that users are offered the best solution based on their requirement and background information. Our multi-channel chatbot generates qualified leads, integrates with CRM systems and increases revenue through cross-sell opportunities.


Ensure that you are on top of your budget with our PFM bot that not only displays account and balance information but also allows users to set budgets, categorize spending, provide alerts based on spending behavior and help save money by conveying useful tips.


EnterpriseBot helps us to enhance our online sales channel by supporting our customers during their product selection process. The chatbot communicates with our potential customers in a very human and friendly way and enriches our website with more knowledge and better usability.

Bernd Gruber,
Six Payment Services

Enterprise Bot does what is promises. They have been able to get our chatbot ‘Sofie’ up and running in a very short time. Within 3 months it showed a consistent high accuracy level of over 90%, and it handles over 20% of all incoming traffic. Definitely a success!

Freija Brouwer,
Afterpay (Arvato Finance)

Enterprise Bot is a great company to work with. It is easy to integrate with back-end systems and is one of the most agile firms we have worked with.

Otto Hieb,
PWC Advisory

Ravina, Pranay and their whole team are extremely bright, driven and agile people. It is a pleasure to work with them. With their ability to build highly customized solutions and quickly allocate resources to tackle any unforeseen challenges for their banking and insurance customers, they are not afraid to compare the quality of their work with any of the large competitors in the field of natural language processing. Last but not least, their increasingly deep knowledge of the local market and its specific requirements is quickly becoming one of their key competitive advantages here in Switzerland.

Christian Zeiler,
Generali Switzerland


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